much of the same

I think…that I need to revitalize somehow. A daily routine provides stability that is comforting in some way, yes, but I don’t quite prefer that for the entirety of my time.

Life nowadays is comprised of some mix of work, bits of martial arts, smatterings of computer games, the occasional food adventure, some hangouts here and there, and not quite enough…meaning.

I’ve learned the feeling of living life closer to the present. But I don’t know yet how I can live a life that is more fulfilling. When it comes to fulfillment for me, what comes to mind is some combination of challenging work, community involvement, regular physical activity, maintaining good health, occasional adventures, and caring relationships, in no particular order.

It seems easier to just cruise through life, but then there wouldn’t be much of a point, would there? I guess as usual, we’ve got to work for the good stuff haha.


Two aunts staying over for the interim, one from Taiwan and the other recently back from Shanghai.

Haven’t had so many people in the house for a while haha.