do not forget

What kind of experiences make a person change immediately?

Or jolt a person from the half-awake reverie of naivete, with a reminder that no amount of good intentions or truth can shield you from another’s fears

that anger from fear, justified or not, leads to problems all around

in the end, do they just see the differences, in skin, in age
rant, threaten, spit
because they don’t see a threat

and then do we perpetuate a stereotype either way, honestly apologetic or falsely enraged? when you don’t push back, what message do you send? is it for the ‘greater good’, or is there such a thing?

when no one is around to enforce the law, is it anything more than ink on a page or ideas in the path of a hurricane? How do you keep yourself safe and how far should you go, and why?

so tell me, where do I waste my time and where ought I be spending it, so that I will not fear
and will not be helpless in adversity

Competition, conflict: help us grow and grow strong.

to someone like me, I wonder if there was a right thing to do.