It’s not quite been an entirely “lightless” 4 days–we’ve been using candles and flashlights–but of course using the word “lightless” (which WordPress’s spellchecker doesn’t seem to like) has more dramatic effect.

But yes, it’s been back to the Stone Age in our house, as most of our neighborhood has been out of power since around 3pm this past Saturday. Inside our home, one might think that we’re preparing to go skiing, as we’re all wearing multiple layers. Also prevalent are candles here and there, carefully supervised (or so I’d like to think). The LED Mini MagLite that I’d bought a few months back is paying for itself now, as it’s bright enough to light a room by itself when pointed at the ceiling.

Interesting how I suddenly seem to have all the time in the world when there’s no power. I’ve been sleeping so early that I think my body’s confused, as I’ve had trouble falling asleep these last two nights. There’s been some amount of time to think about things–the state of world, life, etc. Funny to think that despite how far humanity has come, we’re still so dependent on electricity and fossil fuels.

Hopefully we’ll have power back shortly, at least before it rains on Friday. In the meantime, at least this experience has reminded me of how much life can be disrupted by the whims of nature.


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