It’s just occurred to me, after reading about Zimbardo’s Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI), the reason why I write more often during some months and less during others.

Actually, I came upon the ZTPI while reading an article about how one’s perspective of time changes while playing videogames , and the article was interesting enough that I did some more reading into Zimbardo’s Time Perspective types. The result of all this was that I noticed…Zimbardo’s research seems to make some sense, haha–how people’s general time-perspective was linked to how much or how often they would play videogames–at least in relation to myself and friends of mine. Thinking about it, I noticed that I play games with more frequency when present-focused, and play games much less or not at all when considering future issues (Zimbardo’s Future-oriented type).

I was thinking that this tied into my blog-writing frequency as well, which is a subject I’ve always been curious about. It seems that I write more when I’m in more of a future-oriented mindset, and that I write less when in a present-oriented mindset (which is when I tend to forgo writing for gaming or some other less mentally focused activity).

For anyone curious about the ZTPI, you can find more information and the survey itself–only 10 questions–here.


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