Side Clinch practice: plumb from standing position, and from partner’s “Frankenstein”.

-#5 and #6 footwork (2 steps) to get to left or right of partner, placing them in standing side hold position. Your elbow should be high and keeping their arm extended and unable to move, holding their head looking back and away from you to open them to attack, the leg closer to your partner is forward and the other leg is back to keep them from going for your legs. You should end up standing at a right angle to your partner, so that your torso faces one direction and their torso is perpendicular to yours.

-after the hold is established, knee the opponent and then spin them to the ground so that they end up facing away from you, keeping their arm straight against your body so as to keep the opponent almost lifted on their side, strike using your knees

-after you are able to grapple the opponent from the “Frankenstein”, the aim in practice is to pick off an opponent’s jab or parry and transition into the side clinch.

from Roman, basic footwork (8-count Footwork) steps 1-4:

1: step forward, step + jab

2: step backward, step + cross

3: step to the left, step + hook

4: step to the right, step + pivot + long uppercut


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