Drill 1: practicing both right and left leg body kick on partner, who stands with their hands behind their head–practicing proper form.

Drill 2: (1) jab into right leg body kick. (2) jab + cross into left leg body kick.

Drill 3: catching the body kick: as your partner kicks, sidestep wide away from their kick and toward their back shoulder, keeping your catching hand high (so as to not present your opponent with another target, and so that you can use the hand to block if their kick changes direction). After catching the kick, step in with right leg, and post by placing your free hand at your partner’s shoulder to keep them from turning back towards you. Finally, step back with your right leg and toss your partner’s leg free, being careful not to give them enough momentum to spin all the way around (setting them up for an immediate follow-up attack).

Burnout: repeat jab + cross, drop, right leg body kick, drop, step and left leg body kick, repeat.

From Master: don’t over-twist the hand you drop during a kick.

Kru Chris: for a body kick, your lead leg should never be in front of your target–it should be 45 degrees to either side of your target, as that’s where you step out to.

Instructor Joe: when catching a body kick, your left arm goes out high at shoulder height to catch the kick as you simultaneously step wide toward your opponent’s back shoulder–sidestepping as your opponent kicks will negate the force of their kick. After the catch, you immediately step in and post your right hand to their leading shoulder to keep them off balance and from facing you. If they attempt to face you while you’ve posted, you can just walk forward to keep them off balance.


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