Abanico, Double-stick defense against 5 strikes, redondo practice

Opponent performs the 5 strikes, following each number with a #5 (thrust).
1: left stick pushes opponent’s 1 out to the side while right stick chambers, right stick strikes down the opponent’s thrust, then you can perform set of three strikes.
2: step out to the left while countering with your own #2. If step is done properly, you won’t have to worry about the opponent’s thrust.

Abanico drills:
1. Partner extends staff horizontally, holding it at the end: standing to left of the far portion of the staff, practicing abanico 30x to the right, then standing to the right and practicing 30x strikes to the left
2. Partner holds staff vertically, end planted on the ground: practicing strike against the top section of the staff by twisting the wrist.
3. Partner holds staff vertically, hands together and slightly above center: praticing backhand strike to top of staff above partner’s hands and then low strike to staff below partner’s hands.

Double stick redondo drill:
Partner holds a stick in each hand, gripping at the end and with elbows at 90 degree angle, making a V shape. Practice the redondo strikes, striking downward with each strike. Aim for fluid strikes.


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