Jab + cross
Double jab + cross + hook, stomp into right knee
Double jab + cross + hook + right knee + 2x right leg body kick + 2x left leg body kick

Timed Training:
1. One person in pushup position, the other person jumps over their ankles
2. One person in squat position with arms outstretched in front, the other person in pushup position but with legs propped on thighs of partner and doing pushups
3. Two person (lock-legged) sit-ups, clapping when up

Tips from Roman:
-When holding pads for your partner, remember to hold the pads closer to your own face (less space between the pads) so that your partner is aiming in the right direction–towards the opponent’s face instead of way off to the sides
-Keep less time between body kicks–after the kick, let your kicking leg touch down and immediately kick again

One of the toughest classes for me yet–pushed myself hard. I received my testing paper today, so with the test on Jan 14, I’m determined to be ready. Going to work even harder in classes and run for longer over the weekends.


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