Jab + cross, jab + cross + hook + cross

Much of the class consisted of conditioning drills.

Test Preparation

Full Level 1 Combo:  Jab + cross + hook + cover (right) + hook + cross + hook + cover (left) + uppercut  + hook + cross + cover (right), clinch opponent while stepping in (right hand drops to opponent’s left forearm, left hand goes around the crown of opponent’s head, then both arms make a counter-clockwise turning motion with right elbow rising up, as you step to the right past opponent, ending up 45 degrees from where you began) + knee (left) + knee (left) and step forward into forearm push + right leg body kick + ride & grab opponent’s return body kick + cross to body (with extra pivot) + cross to head (with extra pivot) + step back 45 degrees and toss opponent’s leg to the ground, then end in fighting stance

Jab return drill: you (A) and partner (B) take turns striking and parrying–whoever is not striking is parrying.

A: jab (B parries, etc)

B: jab + cross (A parries, etc)

A: cross + hook

B: hook + uppercut

A: uppercut + body kick


Me: What do I do to recover from the body kick or rainbow kick when practicing without a pad or target?

Instructor Joe: Because your kicks are performed with the intent to kick through your target, you should be spinning around. The most important part of the kick is the recovery (retreating at a different angle, knees touching as leg returns), so practicing the spin is good practice recovering.

from Alaia: keep elbows in when punching (during jab + cross + hook + cross). Step in closer for the hook.

from Roman: you should be advancing when you throw a cross, even by itself, but when it follows a jab you can step in with back foot. The cross should always include the pivot.


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