Jab return drill: first person strikes and partner parries, then the partner strikes and their partner parries, according to the sequence below.

Person 1: J, pJ pC, C H, pH pU, U short leg kick
Person 2: pJ, J C, pC pH, H U, pU pKick

Or in one line, the sequence can be written: J (pJ), (J C) pJ pC, C H (pC pH), (H U) pH pU, U short leg kick (pU pKick)

J = jab
C = cross
H = hook
U = uppercut
p = parry
( ) = person 2

Drill vs. progression
-Drilling: performing the exercise in one continuous exchange
-Progression: resetting after one strike but always adding on one more strike before resetting and beginning again

Tips from Master
-“Practice makes habit”
-windshield wiper footwork: each person should be stepping in for their attacks and conversely each person receiving the attacks should be retreating slightly while parrying
-your footwork makes you fast, not your hands
-when parrying, keep your forearm vertical and parrying inward towards your center; like the “one-handed clap”; protecting core as well as face
-when parrying an uppercut, cap the strike and also lean away from it slightly so that if you miss the parry you can dodge the strike as well


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