1: step, step+jab
2: retreat, step+cross
3: side-step left, step+hook
4: sidestep right, uppercut
5: left step forward, quarter turn
6: right step forward, quarter turn
7: left step forward into ready stance
8: draw step–retract the lead left leg, extending arms, hips thrown back–then step forward, right foot then left foot into fighting stance

Footwork mirror drill
-one person leads with a step in any direction, the partner then mirrors them

From Instructor Joe:
-Maintain fighting measure by keeping the same distance from opponent
-Extend punches more, don’t need to snap as much when shadow boxing

From Kru Chris:
-extend punches by slightly leaning in: with jab, lean forward slightly–not to the point of imbalance–to get extra reach; with uppercut, make sure right shoulder turns forward during strike both for reach and power

-practiced Jab Return drill and progression with Rafael after class


2 thoughts on “8-count Footwork

    1. Hey Joe, glad it helped a bit!

      So steps 7 and 8: in step 6, your quarter turn brings you back to facing in your original direction, except that your right leg is in the lead, which is the opposite of our usual fighting stance. Step 7 is just stepping forward with your left leg to bring you back to your original stance.

      Step 8 can be broken down into two parts: first is the “draw step”, which just means you pull your left leg back to your right leg (imagine someone aiming an attack at your lead leg), keeping your hands up in front of you (so you’re leaning forward a bit during the draw step); the next part is, while your feet are together, take two moderate steps forward, first with right leg then left, bringing you back to your original stance.

      It’s definitely easier to demonstrate this in-person, so if the above still isn’t clear, I’ll explain when I see you next!

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