Straight knee drill (posture and accuracy):
1. Partner A begins in fighting stance, extending left arm straight in the direction of their partner’s opposite shoulder, keeping their right hand turns palm-out and placed against abdomen
2. Partner A then calls either “1” for right knee or “2” for left knee.
3. For right knee, attacker stomps left foot when advancing and then leans back and thrusts right knee in a forward knee strike to touch partner’s palm WITHOUT touching partner’s outstretched arm.
4. For left knee, the starting distance between partners is increased. First step is with the right leg, lifting the knee high to feign a strike, then stomp forward and thrust the left knee straight while leaning back, again aiming to touch the partner’s palm without being touched by the partner’s outstretched arm.

-This drill should be practiced slowly at first to practice accuracy and technique
-Strikers must remember to use their own hands as well, bringing their hands down toward the direction of their knee strike

Straight knee progression drill (see last class for more detail)
1: Jab + straight rear knee
2: Jab + cross + straight lead knee
3: Jab + cross + hook + straight rear knee

Burnout (see last class–same):
-Striker begins running in place with high knees. Pad-holder calls either 1 or 2. Again, being able to switch feet rapidly is key.
1: right knee.
2: left knee.

From Instructor Joe:
-One big problem is that some people, when shifting their hands, twist too much to either side and so throw off their balance and strike.
-A good way to practice is against a wall: start with your knee thrust forward against the wall, balancing on the ball of your foot, then retract the strike, and repeat. This is also a good way to fine-tune your striking range.

Observations from Sean:
-when throwing left knee, I tend to twist too much to the left when I try to remember moving my hands


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