Drill 1:
1. Both partners put on gloves, receiver places gloved right hand over abdomen area palm facing in.
2. Kicker practices rear leg push kick making contact with flat of foot (instead of the usual ball of the foot) in order to get a feel for their optimal kicking range.

Drill 2:
1. One person puts on gloves, the other gets Thai pads. The receiver holds for push kick.
2. Kicker throws a rear leg push kick.
3. After the kicker retracts their leg, the receiver returns with their own rear leg push kick.
4. Original kicker tries to catch the leg and then practice one of two counters: either catching, throwing, stepping in and pushing the receiver’s back, or catching, throwing slightly longer, and throwing a push kick at the receiver’s back.

Drill 3:
1. Facing your partner, raise your knee with toes up, keeping your balance, then extend your leg and straighten the knee
2. The point is to practice your push kick form–leaning back with your upper body will help you raise your leg.

Drill 4:
1. Each person takes a spot inside the ring facing the ropes.
2. First practice right leg push kicks through the ropes, using force but also keeping posture and technique.
3. Practice left leg push kicks with the same force, keeping posture and technique.

From Master:
-Even though we call them ‘push’ kicks (or also ‘teep’), the kicks are more like your jab or cross–a strike that quickly makes contact and then quickly returns. Your push kick should thrust out quickly and retract quickly.
-When catching the kick, remember to protect your neck with your other hand and also leaning back with hips thrust forward.
-The point behind the counters to the push kick is to be in a position to throw your own strike, or at the very least put your opponent off balance. If you are able to catch your opponent’s kick and toss it aside, then you can position yourself optimally for a counter attack.

I’ve thought many times, every time Master teaches, I feel like my memory leaks those nuggets of wisdom like a sieve.

One week left until testing–let’s see how this goes.


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