For this post I’m just going to include tips, clarifications or anything that I did not know before this test preparation session.

Properly wrapping your hands (Instructor Joe’s preferred method)
1. Begin with your wraps already rolled up, the loop on the outside with the inseam facing inward.
2. Loop the thumb and pull the wrap around the back of the hand.
3. Wrap the wrist 3 times, keeping the fingers of your hand spread wide.
4. Bringing the wrap back towards you (if palm down), bring the wrap up and around your thumb, then back around your wrist.
5. Bring the wrap up towards your pinky, and then wrap around your knuckles 3 times, keeping your fingers spread.
6. After wrapping 3 times around your hand, begin the 4th wrap-around but pull the wrap down across the back of your hand and towards the far side of your wrist, making a diagonal line across the back of your hand.
7. Wrap around the wrist once, then bring the hand wrap up and between your pinky and ring finger, going from the back of your hand towards the front of it.
8. After you’ve threaded the wrap through the pinky and ring finger, pull the wrap across straight towards your index finger, wrap around your knuckles once, then pull the diagonally across the back of your hand and towards the far wrist, again crossing the back of your hand.
9. Repeat the above step but threading through the gap between ring finger and middle finger. This time when pulling across, you can go either towards index or pinky before wrapping around knuckles and pulling the wrap back across the back of your hand.
10. When threading between middle and index fingers, this time pull the wrap towards your pinky, wrap your knuckles once, and then pull the wrap back to your wrist again.
11. Finish by wrapping the remaining wrap around your wrist.

Short Leg Kick Progression (Rainbow Kick)
1. Jab + rainbow kick
2. Jab + cross + rainbow kick
3. Jab + fake cross (emphasize this with shoulder turn and pivot) + hook + rainbow kick
4. Jab into lead hand uppercut + rainbow kick
-For number 4, don’t fully retract your jab before the uppercut.
-Treat the uppercut motion as if you were tossing a tennis ball in the air.

Jab Progression Drill tips:
-When initiator throws the “uppercut, leg kick” part of the drill, the uppercut is with the lead hand (left hand)

Level 1 Combo tips:
-When pad-holding and striking for the attacker to practice covering, we only have 2 strikes: either lead hand hook or overhand right.
-When pad-holding and striking for the attacker to practice covering, make sure to hit with the flat of the pad.

General Test Tips:
-we will have 3 minutes to wrap both hands, after which our hands will be checked and the time we took taken. If we have wrapped improperly, we’ll have to unwrap our hands and start over again, from that point in time.
-as Level 1 students are supposed to have focused on Offensive Development and Conditioning, so that is what the instructors will be looking for.


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