-Clarification on #4 of leg kick setup series: while #4 is “jab + lead hand uppercut, then leg kick”, the striker should turn their right shoulder inward (as if slipping past a strike) before throwing the uppercut.
-Fight Team members do the same 2mi run as warm-up, and only some of them get the 17min time. Faster runners get 13 or 14min–this gives me an idea of the times I should be aiming for.

General observations:
-Increased appreciation for instructors, coaches, and assistants–I wonder if this is exactly the same thing as how hazing works haha. Still, psychological tricks aside, I was reminded of why I so liked KRU in the first place–the atmosphere and people are friendly, receptive to questions, and really love what they do. I like interacting with passionate people–passion is contagious!
-The most difficult part of the test for me was the conditioning–staying consistent with my strikes and keeping my energy level high as I tried to balance my energy expenditure per combo.
-Once I got “in the zone”, I wasn’t worrying about most of the test–again, the most difficult part of the test for me was continuing to perform the strikes despite being out of breath. I think the caveat to this is that I had to be confident that I knew everything that would be thrown at us.
-While all the coaches/assistants are capable, I think I may have been fortunate to have paired with the ones I did, as good/aware partners make any practicing “easier”–our expectations of where the pads should be and where we should be are in sync.

-The purpose of our first evaluation is to establish a baseline for ourselves and our instructors, so that we have something to build off of. Knowing that, we have to keep pushing for more and better in any future examinations.
-I’ve noticed a clear difference in my fitness levels before beginning Muay Thai and a few months afterward. It’s not a stretch to say that this martial art has been good for me, and with luck and caution, will continue to be so.

Having pushed myself harder on this test than I ever have yet, I found my limits–and now I can work to surpass them.

Congrats, classmates, on a test well-done. There’s no slowing down–onto the next ones 🙂


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