This is one of those increasingly rare “general” posts…but a lot happened over the weekend.

First and foremost was the first KRU Expo, held at the Doubletree in Mahwah. I would like to write at length about the amazing speakers who presented (including Sensei Nick Dougherty, Dan Greene, Ken Andes, Master Ramirez), but I haven’t even had a chance to review my notes and digest the information. Despite not being a martial arts school owner, I learned a lot about several facets about managing a martial arts business, especially one that falls under the KRU banner.

Congrats again to the new Kru Joe! His dedication and expertise were two of the reasons I always enjoyed the classes, and though I haven’t known him long or well, I believe his promotion was well-deserved. Now I’ll just have to remember calling him “Kru” instead of “Instructor”.

To-dos for the next few days:
-Revamp Google+ profile and layout per Sensei Nick’s presentation
-Revise and complete LinkedIN profile, again per Sensei Nick and also Dan Greene
-Review all notes from the Expo
-Find more about Steve Kardian–publicize among my friends and groups to spread awareness
-Practice deep breathing drill advised by Ken Andes, L.Ac.
-Find recommend readings such as “The Primal Blueprint” by Mark Sisson
-More that I don’t yet remember


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