Level 1 Combo Review
-drilled Level 1 combo

-jab + cross lightly while maintaining form. When Kru Joe says “go”, start punching with power, maintaining good form.

-This burnout was pretty tiring, meaning it was effective. I’ll have to try practicing it on the side with some training buddies more often to get us used to the feeling of barely being able to punch or hold pads up.

KRU Combatives Class
-hubud drilling to warm up

Inside stop of number 1 strike:
1. Start with hubud drill and initiate this maneuver during an opponent’s number 1 strike.
2. Step in with right foot and jamming opponent’s strike using palms of both hands, left hand close to opponent’s wrist and right hand on opponent’s bicep to control their upper arm.
3. Left hand grabs opponent’s wrist and blade of right palm slides down the opponent’s bicep, turning right hand from facing down to up as it ends in crook of opponent’s elbow. Your left hand is pulling your opponent’s wrist toward your own pocket while your right hand is making a “J”-like motion, and you perform this all in one movement by sinking your weight down as you pull. If done correctly, your opponent’s head should jerk forward and/or their other foot should step forward to absorb shock.

Outside stop of number 1 strike:
1. Start with hubud drill and initiate this maneuver during the “pass” part of your hubud drill.
2. As you pass the opponent’s striking hand over your head, step out with left foot to get close. As you’re stepping, grab the opponent’s wrist with your right hand and then perform the same downward jerk, with your right hand on opponent’s right wrist and left hand raking down their bicep to end in the crook of their elbow.

Transitioning from outside to inside stopping of number 1 strike:
1. Opponent strikes with number 1 strike.
2. Immediately step in with right foot for the inside jam, then pass their striking hand under.
3. As soon as opponent’s hand is free, the opponent attacks with a number 2 strike.
4. As opponent strikes, step in with left foot to the opponent’s outside, keeping your body facing theirs, and block right hand facing inward (protecting veins in case of knife) at their wrist level, and left hand on opponent’s bicep.
5. Repeat this drill several times, maintaining good form.
-The footwork for the above is the same as the rompido footwork from side to side.

Flipping enemy after jamming their strike:
1. Opponent strikes with number 1 strike.
2. Step in with right foot for the inside jam, making sure to strike hard and fast.
3. Transition immediately into the pull-down–if this is done correctly, not only should you jerk your opponent’s head down, but they’ll also step forward, setting you up for the next step.
4. For the drill, the right arm will be coming up to the opponent’s chest/neck level as the left hand pulls the opponent’s right (if right leg is lead) towards you while you drive forwards towards their weakest point.
5. If the opponent’s right leg is not close to you, you can immediately switch tactics by switching the positioning of your arms–your left arm goes high to opponent’s neck, right arm aiming to grab their leg, and driving forwards towards the opponent’s weak point.

Tips from Master:
-The important practice here is to develop recognition, that the number 1 strike you are blocking can be a knife strike, a wide punch, a cross, a kick, or whatever–with recognition, you can train the same kind of response to deal with the incoming strike.


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