Straight Knee Progression
1. Jab + left stomp into right knee
2. Jab + cross + right stomp into left knee
3. Jab + cross + hook + left step out into power right knee
4. Jab + cross + hook + cross + switch-step, left back then right forward, into left knee

Reminder from Kru Joe:
-The timing of your knee strikes should follow the same timing as a “jab, cross.”

I’ve realized that I still have a lot of work to do in order to be ready for the next evaluation. Now that I know the sequence of strikes for, say, the straight knee progression, the point that I need the most work on is conditioning and coordination, meaning that I need to be able to perform the strikes with proper form, and more than just several times in a row. Have to push harder.

Homework from Kru Joe was to practice standing on one foot in front of something you can hit, other foot held behind you with your hand from the same side, then push that knee forward while leaning back, chin down, until the knee touches the surface in front of you. You should be rising up on the ball of your base foot when you thrust your knee forward. Perform this exercise 100 times for both the right and left knees, and practice this every day.


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