Tuesday Muay Thai: Clinch Knees

1. Step + step + raise rear knee high, pivot on front ball of foot to bring that rear leg forward
2. Repeat with right leg lead.
-When raising rear leg, lead with knee, point toe downward, keep body straight

1. Facing backward, step back + step back + raise front (left) knee high, pivot on back ball of foot to bring front leg to the back.
2. Repeat with right leg lead.
-same form as with previous drill: raise knee as high as possible, keeping toe pointed down, and body straight and balanced when pivoting.

1. Facing forward, step + step + raise rear leg and bring to front (ending with right leg lead).
2. Step + step + raise rear leg and bring to front (ending with left leg lead).
3. As you land from the previous step, pivot on your feet to face backward, then step backward + step back + raise front leg high and bring to back.
4. Repeat previous step, but after landing pivot to face front.
5. Repeat drill.

1. Jab + right knee
2. Cross + left knee
3. Jab + right body kick
4. Cross + left body kick

Entering for a clinch knee
Both arms extended: high hand out in front, elbow bent, forearm toward partner; low hand close to stomach
-this signals partner to clear the high hand with their closest hand, use other hand to grab back of opponent’s neck, and step in for a straight knee
-this knee strike should also push the opponent backward, setting the attacker up for a follow-up
-when clearing the opponent’s high hand, clear it in the best way, which is to move it away from their body so as to allow you to knee unimpeded.
1. Jab + right knee + (right step into) left body kick
2. Cross + left knee + (left step into) right body kick

-never throw a knee in isolation now–always execute a follow-up

a friendly email

I love hearing from old friends, especially from those who I used to hang out with often!

I really haven’t written much in the last few months about life outside of Muay Thai, and I miss that–in some ways I miss the days where I could sit down and type out thoughtful entries about the state of one thing or another, or the days when I’d be writing down thoughts to organize them in my mind.

So I was happy that I got a short email from an old friend, because it’s nice to be remembered, and nice for me to actually spend some time on composing a brief (fairly brief–it was!) but enthusiastic response.

A small snippet of life, then, that makes me smile. But it’s from snippets strung together that our memories are made, hmm?

MD Business Trip

Just returned home from a business trip to Maryland that spanned two days: headed down yesterday to visit one client, stayed overnight in the area, then went to visit another client earlier today.

Considering that the two clients were in two very different industries, it was pretty interesting to see what areas of our software were important to them, as well as how they ran their operations. It goes without saying that we took plenty of notes–they were eager to offer their thoughts, at the very least–and that we have a lot to consider for how we can improve our software to better fit our client’s needs.