Something in my upper back area has been pulled/strained/injured.

The problem first occurred in Muay Thai class last Thursday night as I was holding for a partner’s body kicks. After one of his kicks, I felt a twinge of pain in my upper back.
I rested Saturday and Sunday, but while stretching on Sunday I reinjured or aggravated the problem again, to the point where I felt pain when trying to move my head.

I’m thinking that whatever muscle/group is injured probably plays a part in supporting my head, since several different actions cause pain, including:

-taking a deep breath (pain occurs sometimes at the deepest part of the breath)
-tilting head to the left or right (left is more problematic)
-when lying down, trying to lift my head
-when lying down, trying to sit up directly–in order to get up I’ve had to roll sideways first
-any movement of head/neck when lying down
-being about to sneeze

Needless to say, I’m not going to be able to go to Muay Thai class for a bit. I’m really hoping that my condition can be fixed, or at least improve, within the next week or so…but guessing at recovery time is premature at this point. More importantly, I’d like to know what was injured, how to recover, and how to avoid reinjury in the future.


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