My second KRU Evaluation was even more useful to me than the first one as far as highlighting to me the areas where I need the most work–and need a lot of work, I do.

Goals and Areas to Fix:
1. Leaving myself wide open before my kicks–dropping hands lower or leaving chest open when stepping in for kicks.
2. Tilting my head as I punch.
3. Lifting rear leg when throwing a cross.
4. Overcommitting to certain strikes, which leads being off-balance.
5. Still being too tense overall.
6. Not having a balance between a relatively relaxed guard versus fast & hard striking.
7. Standing in front of an opponent after finishing a combo instead of immediately circling away (to the opponent’s weaker side) and continuing to remain in motion
8. Being too eager to strike–when working with padholder, I must follow their timing.
9. Learn to change the pace of my striking as appropriate, especially if a partner is signalling strikes.
10. Not be “robotic” when striking–instead, be able to flow from one strike to the next.

Having written a few vague goals above, I should really drill down deeper to write some objectives and to make those goals “SMART”. I think I’ll leave that for a soon-to-come day at Starbucks or B&N.


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