1. Attacker throws leg kick. Defender takes the kick, leaning forward to raise point of impact.

2. Attacker throws leg kick. Defender shields.

3. Attacker fakes leg kick so that defender shields, then steps in with right leg, out with left and kicks defender’s back leg up at 45 degree angle. This is the “submarine” kick.

4. Attacker feints step out to side so that defender begins to shield. Attacker waits until defender’s shielding leg drops to the ground to kick it at a 45 degree angle with left leg.

5. Attacker raises leg to fake leg kick so that defender begins to shield. Attacker leans in to post and pushes defender back, and quickly steps in with right foot, out with left and leg kicks the defender, trying to hit the defender while the defender is backpedaling.

6. Attacker throws a rear leg kick toward defender’s front shin, aiming to hit with instep of foot (like kicking hackey sack), then hops forward on left leg while right leg is still in the air, throwing a cross at the defender while extending rear leg back at the same time. Attacker should land at an angle to the defender and immediately retreat into fighting stance.

7. Attacker fakes a leg kick so that defender shields, then in mid-fake pulls knee to chest and throws a push kick, aiming to hit the defender while they are standing on one foot.

8. Attacker aligns lead leg with defender’s body, then throws leg kick so that defender shields. Attacker steps into the kick, planting the right foot and leaning the front shoulder down slightly as attacker turns body to the left. Attacker performs a sweat-wiping motion with left forearm as they turn, leaning toward the defender so as to strike with the spinning elbow. Defender should shield for the kick and then cross hands in front of head, away from head, to receive the elbow.

Note: I need to clarify with Kru Joe the difference between a feint and a fake, and also whether this series is called the Leg Feint or Leg Fake series. I’ll update this post after I find out.

Updated 9/21/12 after helpful comment from Alaia–thanks!

2 thoughts on “Muay Thai: Leg Feint/Leg Fake Series

  1. Hello 🙂 The series is called Leg Faint/Fake Series, if you didn’t know by now because I realize this was posted in April. But, a fake is extending out but not contacting as opposed to faint, which is moving one part of the body up from intended striking point. For example, a faint for a jab is moving the shoulder and a faint for a kick would be moving the hip. Hope this helped!

    1. Thanks Alaia, I’ll update this post for future reference!

      I do think “feint” should be the correct spelling though–“Feint:
      A deceptive or pretended blow, thrust, or other movement, esp. in boxing or fencing”, as opposed to “faint: Losing consciousness due to lack of oxygen”.

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