The word on my mind tonight is ‘hustle’, because I’ve been reminded how much I need to hustle in order to be so good they can’t ignore me.


I’ve noticed an atrophying of body and mind recently, which must end.

Physically, I’m going to slowly resume running this Saturday, while staying alert to any funny business from my recovering knee. I’m going to choose Muay Thay partners who will challenge me, push me, or otherwise help me improve.

Mentally, I’ll be resuming speed reading practice. I’ll need to set aside time to master everything from Connect With Anyone. I want to continue learning. I need to ask better questions, and know what to do with the answers. Perhaps most importantly, I’ll have to practice working hard on the truly valuable things in my life, at work and outside of it.

When I think about the current state of things, I’m disappointed in myself. How easy it’s been to fall into autopilot, despite all I’ve been learning about deliberate practice. I feel like I’ve been neglecting some responsibilities along many fronts; I know I’m not working as hard as I should on some fronts; and I fear I’ve been guilty for far too long of settling for anything less than the best from myself.

I don’t want to keep following patterns that don’t help me, so perhaps my first step here is to identify all the relevant patterns before simplifying. Thinking about the importance of environment, I’ll need to do a better job of managing it. The challenge I anticipate is in regularly scheduling activities that will allow me to either mingle with people smarter/better than me, and/or to push my boundaries and help me grow.

When I look back at this year right now through the critical lens that’s been my blessing this night, I see a story of half-done and not-enough. How will I act to turn this into a story of awesome and done-right?

Time to do right, do well, and do more.