Busy November weekends

This was one of the busiest weekends in recent memory, comprised of:

  1. KRU Evaluation for Green rank
  2. Attending and performing at Chinese Service Center’s 40th Anniversary celebration (Bergen, Livingston, Columbia Chinese Schools)
  3. New Jersey Photo Expo
  4. Catching up with old friends

KRU Evaluation thoughts:

I probably pushed myself too hard with the initial run, since I haven’t been running (due to questionable nature of knees after runner’s knee), which led to later near-cramping of calves in the latter portion of the evaluation.

Near the end of the evaluation, I was almost completely out of energy–the biggest problem I felt I had was not having enough conditioning to last the entirety of the evaluation. Technically, I remembered everything we were asked to do, though I’m sure I was sloppy in some areas.

I’m annoyed that I felt so drained by the end of the evaluation. My next step is to ask for feedback about this evaluation from Kru Joe and Master when next I see them.

I’m glad that a few fellow testers were able to join us after the evaluation to get a snack at Red Mango–we didn’t get to sit down for solid food, but it was nice relaxing with teammates. Clearly this is something we should arrange more often.

CSC 40th Anniversary:

This dinner, held at an Elks Lodge in Ridgewood, felt like a who’s who in the Chinese community-type of event. It was nice seeing familiar faces of many Chinese School parents and teachers, many of whom I haven’t seen in months or longer.

I was glad to see Sifu Henry receiving several awards for his contributions over the last 10+ years to the Chinese Service Center/Bergen Chinese School–long overdue but certainly welcome, as I see it.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a special recognition award from the JinLi Foundation for “outstanding service to our community and the promotion of Chinese Culture.” I wouldn’t know how to gauge my contributions to our community over the years but I felt honored that whatever I’ve done merited recognition. Wherever life takes me, I hope to one day be able to provide children with supportive communities that enable them to grow, as the Chinese community did for me.

NJ Photo Expo:

Nancy and I went to check out this free event on Sunday, held at the Marriott in Park Ridge. Never having been to a photography expo before, we took our time exploring the various electronics booths, learning about certain camera models, and taking some pictures of various vintage cars. We didn’t stay too long, but just long enough to be reminded of how large the photography enthusiast community seemed to be.

Old friends:

After the photo expo and lunch in Englewood, we dropped by Ridgewood to catch up with some old friends. We ended up playing a long game of the original Munchkin, which was as ridiculous as I remembered it being.

And it looks like we have a blog post out of this weekend too! Serious.