back to Krav

It feels so good to be back in action.

I’ve been recovering from a cold the past ~2 weeks, which led to a multi-class absence streak. As far as colds go, at least it wasn’t as bad as some others I’ve had.

Today’s class was actually taught by Edwin, the older brother of the usual Thursday instructor. The subject was on perception and reacting to surprise attacks. The warmup was nicely difficult and the class itself excellent–I like Edwin’s energy and style haha.

I may update this post with notes from class later.

“I hear you exhaling and keep hoping that it’s a gas leak in the building”–comment from classmate hahaha. I’m sure Kru Joe would be glad to hear that I haven’t quite lost all the conditioning and cardio gained under his instruction.

The Spartan Sprint draws ever closer–gotta be ready!

in an end, at a beginning

Maybe it’s a bit silly to the outside observer, but I felt like I should write at least a few words before “formally” letting go of a not-quite specter of the past. And of course it’s fitting that I can close this chapter using the same method that helped me make sense of the long dip that characterized the rough growth process.

There was a beginning to confidence
It began with hello
Laying cornerstones in my mind

While I’m a bit puzzled at this totally familiar void in response to questions, I’m not at all uncertain in my interpretation this time: message received! No hard feelings, just some amused disappointment at the way it was handled.

It would’ve been nice to share some of the goings-on in 2013! So many ideas learned, so many projects to start, so many new ways to do more, to build things, to help people, to help ourselves.

Still, I’m glad I tried reaching out anyway. Now I’ve done as my conscience wished, now I know, and while this isn’t an optimal ending, it’s enough closure for me.

I’ll be out there building things!

early cubicle birds

There’s something to be said for getting into the office early–no hustle & bustle, no people needing your attention. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this ‘early-birding’ as much as I have been, but what do you know. An additional benefit to getting into the office earlier is being able to bypass the greatest rush hour traffic.

Of course, the problem now has been finding the right balance of sleeping early versus getting things done in the limited time available after the workday. Plenty more tweaking to be done!

Works in progress. Good stuff.