Maybe it’s a bit silly to the outside observer, but I felt like I should write at least a few words before “formally” letting go of a not-quite specter of the past. And of course it’s fitting that I can close this chapter using the same method that helped me make sense of the long dip that characterized the rough growth process.

There was a beginning to confidence
It began with hello
Laying cornerstones in my mind

While I’m a bit puzzled at this totally familiar void in response to questions, I’m not at all uncertain in my interpretation this time: message received! No hard feelings, just some amused disappointment at the way it was handled.

It would’ve been nice to share some of the goings-on in 2013! So many ideas learned, so many projects to start, so many new ways to do more, to build things, to help people, to help ourselves.

Still, I’m glad I tried reaching out anyway. Now I’ve done as my conscience wished, now I know, and while this isn’t an optimal ending, it’s enough closure for me.

I’ll be out there building things!


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