bidding adieu to April

I’ll admit, I’m partly writing this because I want to have at least written something before April ends. But as usual, there’s more to it than that. I’ve felt the urges to write about lessons from Krav Maga, about goal progress in 2013, about some amazingly useful books…but clearly none of those ideas ever quite made it from my mind to this page–a classic problem haha.

A selection of champion books I’ve read so far in 2013, each of which should really get its own post:
– Getting More
– The Art of Explanation
– The Charisma Myth
– The Start-up of You

As I continue learning & trying things, the big picture begins to come into focus. And as a big picture comes into focus, my possible paths look ever-clearer!

Changes are coming, as close friends have been seeing. 2013 has been good so far and I anticipate that it will only get greater as we continue to do more and better.