Impromptu dinner plans materialized in the afternoon after I learned that a good friend of mine was just going through a breakup after a relationship of three years.

Through the course of conversation, I thought it interesting that while my friend took in the stories and ideas I shared, that I too was benefiting, from the remembrance of lessons learned that formed a part of my personality.

While sharing, I remembered the ideas learned from that fateful Buddhism class that led me to realize that it was okay to feel pain after a relationship–that pain only exists in proportion to how important something is to you.Ā 

I remembered, to move past my guilt and the question of what I could have done, the promise made to myself to become the kind of person I would be proud to know, to become a partner worth having. I realized then that I was the only person I had control over, and thus that I was the one to need to grow.

On the drive home after dinner, I wondered how often I’d lost sight of that goal once I’d pulled myself back to proverbial level ground, years ago. Today’s events were a timely reminder of a good idea I once tried to live by, an idea that became buried but still lived on in spirit.

I will become the kind of person I would be proud to know, as well as being a partner well worth having.


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