Saturday was slotted as a day to relax: it was mostly a success haha.


6:00* AM: Slept through two alarms meant to wake me up on time for an early-morning run.
6:20 AM: Woken by accidental-on-purpose call by gf; I don’t think there was any actual conversation–though amusingly enough I don’t fully remember this–but it was enough to get me out of bed and driving to Teaneck.
~6:50 AM: Met drowsy Minru and Iron-Gabe and warmup-jogged over to Votee Park.
7:15 AM: Ran for ~2.6 mi then walked a bunch of cool-down laps while considering plans for rest of day.
10:15 AM: Infiltrated Teaneck Library in search of audiobook on meditation; mission accomplished.
~10:40 AM: Burst onto scene at Palisades Mall. Scoped out the ropes course–opens at 11. Scouted the LEGO Store.
11:05 AM: Tackled the ropes course (Palisades Climb Adventure)! It was more strenuous than anticipated.
12:30 PM: Lunched at Stir Crazy.
~1:30 PM: Raided LEGO Store to acquire serious Star Wars LEGO sets–for the Republic/Empire! For 2013! #thatsnomoon #greatdisturbance #ruhroh #thingsyourbfdoes
1:45 PM: Marched triumphantly back to car carrying massive yellow LEGO store bags.
3:00 PM: Returned immediately to the shipyards at Upper Saddle River to begin construction. Star Wars soundtracks are broadcast to boost morale.

9:15 PM: Cruised to Chipotle to pick up dinner and continue building.
10:20 PM: Received call from gf; plans are made to play some board games at Angela’s.
11:40 PM: Arrived sleepily at New Milford. Played Bezzerwizzer, began to try Dungeon!, then adjourn for the night.

* Times have been recorded as accurately as I remember or as I can tell based off pictures taken.


2 thoughts on “relaxation

    1. Basically…yes. It was an interesting series of events that led up to it but suffice it to say, my friend and I have on occasion been known to be “indulgent”, as he put it, though not since sometime last year and not quite as over-the-top as this.

      It ended up taking around 16 hours (estimating from timestamps of pictures) over Saturday and Sunday to complete and was definitely the biggest set I’ve worked on yet, at 3803 pieces. I may put up a short post about lessons from that construction project.

      My current quandary is finding a place to put it, as well as getting some kind of transparent covering that will keep it as dust/dirt free as possible.

      Pretty sure I’ve now officially hit my Lego quota for the month/year –“

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