It’s been a pretty long time since a stay-up night like this, much less one that I prepared for by actually napping at 11 PM–usually this would end in what most people call “sleep”, but I’d prepared for that outcome by setting large numbers of alarms, one of which woke me when paired with my father dropping into my room to wonder what the racket was haha.

One wonders how so much work creeps up on you like this; one postulates that this is what happens when one underestimates the amount of time it takes to extract meaning from large collections of data. In this case, my task is to dig through a variety of user survey results to notice trends and such.

I imagine there’s also some small positive correlation between the size of the task at hand and the number of blog posts I write haha, though I’ve been more pensive as of late in general anyway.

I’m sipping on Starbucks Energy (mocha – not paleo!), munching on trail mix (mostly paleo) and softly playing some soundtracks whose aim is to not make me sleepy (rediscovered Amelie OST). Feeling weird temperature-wise–when in light hoodie I get too hot and without it I’m cold. This may be side-effect of being up later than usual.

Anyway, time to get work done–looking forward to the end of the day already.


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