Interesting experience trying to reach PerksCard Customer Service! I’ve been put on hold without notice, transferred without explanation, and otherwise looking like my number’s being redirected all over the place except to Perkscard Customer Service.

12:11pm: calling Perkscard customer service, Meredill

Meredill: Unfriendly-sounding woman, had to ask for her name. After describing my problem, she put me on hold for 3-5 minutes without any explanation, then i found i’d been transferred to t-mobile customer service.

I hung up, called the Perks Card Customer Service number (on the back of my Rutgers Alumni card) again, and after trying to describe my problem to the person who picked up, I asked a few more questions and found that I’d apparently been rerouted to the Rutgers University Alumni Relations. Huh.

I double-checked the phone number–it was the same number–and called it again.

This time a sullen male picked up. I asked his name–“Dante”, he said–and when I asked, warily, if I’d reached PerksCard customer service, he said that I hadn’t, and when I asked him where exactly I’d reached he transferred me to another voicemail system that said to press 1 to reach customer service (Brief mailbox alert: “Thank you for continuing to hold; all representatives are still busy.” ) Upon pressing 1, my call was disconnected.

Okay, so I try again. Now, I’m redirected without warning to another automated message: “Thank you for calling the perks card network….if you have not received a Perks Card…if you are a perks card merchant, please contact the sales office for further assistance. to speak with a perks card customer service representative, please press “1” at the end of this message.” Same problem.

Finally after calling again, I get: Sean, real customer service rep.

-explained situation; he went to ask program manager about details, as he’s not familiar with perks card agreement with t-mobile. when put on service this time, i did hear ‘wait music’, as opposed to an ominous silence that indicates me being transferred. ok then ringtone…what happened?
– much better service than previous rep.
– taking down details, forwarding to legal/program manager, expect response next day; confirmed it’d be fine to call again if received no word.

At the end of my call I described my previous call-routing problem, and he gave me his personal number to call: 651-204-5656.

It’s now Tuesday and I haven’t heard back from Perks Card, unsurprisingly. Maybe one day when I have massive Twitter power I’ll tweet about this and I can get an escalated resolution to problems like this!

For now I’ll settle by calling Sean tomorrow.


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