The Finisher’s Formula: more ideas that are already changing life. What fascinating things.

Less email-checking, article-reading, book reading, and even time on the computer than probably any other month this year. I’m beginning to see now how what goes into the mind remains there for a while.

Practicing design thinking at Launch! Collaborative Design Day with a few good friends, being reminded again that presentation can be as important as content.

Finally learning more of what I should’ve been at work. The boot camp sessions will continue until I know enough.

Running the 2013 Big Chill. And after, running more often, running harder, maybe even running better. Good metaphors.

Hard sparring sessions that remind me how easy of a life we have, how far there is to grow, and make me consider where the cutoff point should be set.

The woody scent of incense and the sense of solemnity it evokes when visiting a monastery from long ago.

Gifts for little cousins. Gift boxes (and gifts) for friends. White Elephant exchanges.

Catching up with not-the-usual friends. Eggnog fest with new ones. A low-budget, high-fun city adventure with soup dumplings and bubble tea galore—a great yearly tradition if I’ve ever seen one.

Even some board games, which were mostly unplanned but fun.

And we’re almost at the end of the 2013! The plot thickens and the planning continues.


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