2013 began with a bunch of ideas that first got into my head sometime in 2012, ideas having to do with doing more and better, about the responsibility of doing great work, about making art, and in general about being deliberate about using the time we have left. Basically, it was a bunch of ideas about how to be awesome(r), and that was in large part what I needed.

Truth be told, near the end of 2013, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to approach the task of doing a 2013 review—not because I didn’t have anything to show for it, but because I didn’t quite know where to start choosing from the small ways that life has been moving in a better direction. But done is better than perfect, especially in this case, especially with revisions to be made to 2014 plans; so I’m going to list out some items and call it an abbreviated summary.

How was 2013 different from previous years?

  • Greatest structure
  • Most deliberate
  • Most attention given to future and career
  • Most experimentation
  • Most relationships strengthened
  • Most ideas remembered
  • Most time spent plotting Universe Domination
  • Most time spent doing non-eating things in NYC
  • Most money spent on LEGO
  • Most thorough room cleaning was begun

For balance, here are a bunch of not-so-greats, in no particular order:

  • Most money spent on LEGO
  • Room cleaning wasn’t finished before end of year
  • Little quantifiable progress made on relationship with significant other, in comparison with relationships developed with other friends
  • Not enough improvement in current job

I’m most proud of what I think has been shifts in mindset: being more deliberate about life and goals, being more mindful of my thoughts and emotions, being more ambitious, and an overall greater focus—focus on a vision of a Better Me that hasn’t ever been so clear or compelling.

Good show, good show. And the next one’s even better!

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