I’m beginning to wonder if my recent trend towards enrolling others and enabling through invitation might be a bad thing for a few reasons. For one, I realize that not everyone does things better with others/friends. I’m considering messaging friends who I usually invite to these things—group runs, study sessions, etc—mentioning that I’m basically “unsubscribing” them from future notices. Maybe I should send out a short informal questionnaire to friends to ask what kind of messages they’d actually like to get from me, with topics like “workout invites”, “interesting articles”, etc.

A bigger concern of mine is if I’ve unknowingly been putting myself in groups where I’m further along than most of my friends (not that this is a huge list), and the effect that has on my ego and drive; the idea here is that I’m sure what I need in all aspects of my life is putting myself into situations where I’m the dumbest, least skilled and least capable person in the room, so that I can actually see progress in those areas of my life where I think I need to grow.

I’m basically already this way at work hahaha; thank goodness at long last I’ve been making headway there. Design Gym was good for this as well.


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