Catching up with the sister in-between all our activities. Similar and different, we two, and our schedules this break.

Learning about and working on Tiny Habits through the month: recipes for success, one small step at a time. Quite interesting, especially paired with Charles Duhigg’s research about habit formation.

Attending a meetup of LiveYourLegend Local: interesting people doing interesting things! Discussions for fun with passionate people are usually energizing, and in this case we each learned a few cool ideas.

Taking a Dale Carnegie single-day public speaking workshop on a snowy day in New York City. Great ideas, good practice.

Auditing fitness trackers: in the great race between Jawbone’s UP24 and Fitbit’s Force…both are good enough that I’m still testing hahaha. Though UP24 has an edge when it comes to style, and Fitbit has an edge in terms of social motivation because now a few friends are on Fitbit’s environment.

Doing much more running and starting to train for upcoming Spartan Races: this is going to be good.

And I suppose the last important thing is not enough time spent in deep focus!


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