Declining invitations, regrettably, to fun things not planned in advance, because in the choice between being busy and being remarkable I’m not in a position where I can let myself just be busy anymore. Busy or remarkable? Fit in or stand out? Being able to live a rich or even a good life certainly won’t happen by itself. So I thank my friends gratefully for thinking of me, and trust that all will be reconciled after I feel comfortable enough with my situation to make time for catching up.

Running to prepare for upcoming races; running, because we can; and running some more until it gets hard to breathe, reminding myself that growth comes only at the edge of resistance.

Doing the P90X3 workout routine with a few others: partly for fun, partly to test its effects, and partly to make up for not having weekly Krav Maga workouts. So far The Challenge—with continuous reps of pull-ups and push-ups—has been the toughest single workout for me.

Renewing the meditation habit, bringing myself from restless mind back to practiced focus.

Helping provide a mock interview for a friend, and as a result becoming more cognizant of the importance of having a well-organized and thoroughly-rehearsed narrative.

Refocusing over President’s Day weekend and making actual headway on priority research.

Starting to learn, think and practice copywriting. I’m enjoying seeing the connections among some excellent books: Art of Explanation, Made To Stick, Copywriter’s Handbook and POP!

Watched first-ever Superbowl and understood more than I expected thanks to my Rutgers University education.

Following a February gratitude challenge and sending daily emails to future 2014 of the many things for which I’m thankful.

Performed Lion and Dragon Dances with the temporarily reunited BCS team, complete with familiar performance preparations and familiar routines. Sometime during the day, between observing our team and later watching CCCNJ’s performance at the OCA dinner, I realized that our team had stopped growing, perhaps a while ago. I don’t feel good thinking about it. But it’s not surprising either. How could we continue to improve our craft if we never (no longer?) review our performances, if we’d settled for “good enough” a long time ago to be able to perform as we did over the last decade, and most importantly if most of us are no longer even regularly involved? Maybe I will take up Sifu on his offer to teach the new kids for a day, if only to do what little I can to start them on a path of improvement.

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