On excellence somewhere else

There’s some part of me that wants to go somewhere that enables me to be more excellent.

But like peace, doesn’t excellence first start within?

And in pursuing excellence, where’s the line between the role of conscious exclusion (focus)–deciding which things NOT to pursue, quitting strategically–versus quitting due to lack of discipline, character, quitting that doesn’t help?

Or in simpler terms: am I considering quitting out of strength or out of weakness? Is this kind of quitting the kind that enables necessary growth or is it just fleeing from hard work?

Today’s plan for discontent

Ever had that feeling that something had to change?

It’s persistent, insistent. It doesn’t go away if you ignore it, and the more you ignore it the more it tugs at you.

Is there ever any good from ignoring something your very body/mind/spirit has realized and is trying to tell you? Maybe, but not in the long run. If you can’t bother to find out why you’re discontent, who else will?

The road to fulfillment is like you’d expect: full of unexpected challenges, but all which lead to something good–a Better You–if you can make your way through them. When something scares you, bothers you, makes you uncomfortable, it’s a signpost pointing the way towards where you need to go, in mind if not in body. The obstacle is the way, after all.

Today, off to nature to think+do.

Unexpected catalysts

I find that I value being unsettled nowadays because it means that something important wants to be recognized.

This time it’s a reminder of an underlying craving for something I can’t yet define: emotional? Intellectual? Social?

Memories of an absent richness of experience, maybe.

This time I’m reminded of what I really value, of what I think I’ve been looking for since I started to care. Reminded that to not grow, to not push upwards and onwards, is to settle for second best by default. And that the most important choices–what I do, who I’m with, and how I see the world–are always mine to make.