4-hour Networking

I’m back from my first official business trip and I’ve decided that I like flying.

It’s not just the travel itself that I mean here, but specifically flying, because it’s such an interesting way to meet different people that you wouldn’t otherwise!

You’re forced to sit next to a probably random person or two for a long period of time. You’re both in the aircraft for a very specific reason. You have so many potential conversation starting points. It’s a great chance to meet interesting people and learn more about how they see the world.

The other big benefit I see to flying is that in case you don’t feel like getting to know the people around you, or said neighbors are grouchy/tired/angry, you get time to focus on anything you want to.

You could read that book you’ve been meaning to start/finish. You could draft out those plans for world/universe domination that you’ve been too “busy” to start. Meditate. Dive into Magic: The Gathering strategy. Whatever you want to do, with most regular distractions minimized.

What a fun situation!