Lessons from GORUCK Light AC

GORUCK Light in AC
GORUCK Light, Atlantic City. Hotel drawing pad edition.


  • “If you’re given the chance, ask for the world.”
  • Proper cold-weather preparation, layering.
  • How much of a difference 10 lbs makes for push-ups.
  • MovingĀ in formation


  • Different demographic that attends GORUCK events compared to Spartan or Warrior Dash–on average older but more experienced with endurance/race events as well as being very fitness-oriented. So this is one of the places you can find a hardy group of individuals comfortable with pushing their physical/mental limits.
  • Even a light event without much teamwork or even group suffering, as this ended up, still built a minor sense of camaraderie from mutual experience. I’m certainly more fond of my teammates than I might be from just meeting them in a purely social setting.
  • Walking on theĀ isolated beach in freezing wind and pelting snow was a strangely peaceful experience. Unbidden, the words “Tempest around, peace within” jumped to mind as we marched briskly south.

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